Spring Season - Playing age for the spring season is determined by a player's age as of May 1 on that calendar year.  The spring season for most levels runs late March (weather permitting) through mid June. The non-competitive levels typically start in mid April.


Fall Season - Playing age for the fall season is determined by a player's age as of May 1 on the following calendar year. The fall season runs early August through late October.  A fall season is typically run for all levels with the exception of T-Ball.


Chartering - All levels are chartered under Lehigh Valley Cal Ripken with the exception of Knee Hi.

Pitching - At all LVCAL playing levels pitchers are only permitted to throw fastballs, change ups or knuckle balls.  All other pitches including curve balls and sliders are strictly prohibited.  This is in the best interest of young developing arms.

T-Ball (5-6)

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T-Ball is a great place to get your young player started where the basics of the game are taught. This includes learning how to catch, throw, hit, field, and simple base running. Kids start hitting off a tee, but as they advance through the season, they typically get the chance to hit some live pitching from a coach. The goal of this level is to introduce kids to the game in a fun environment in hopes they can't wait to come back next year. This is a non-competitive level. Note: 6 year old players who spent the previous season at the t-ball level have the option of a second year of t-ball or moving up to Rookie.

Rookie (6-7)

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The Rookie level continues to emphasize and develop the basic fundamentals of the game. The biggest change at this level is that kids pitching is introduced to the game.  Games are a combination of coach and kid pitch.  The concept of taking more than one base on a ball hit to the outfield and making outs at bases other than 1B is introduced.  This is non-competitive level.

8U (8)

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New for 2019! The 8U level is intended to help better prepare kids for the Minors level by introducing some new concepts that historically would not have been taught until Minors.  This level is still a combination of both coach and kid pitch but the strike zone is now officially introduced with walks, strikeouts, and a real umpire.  Stealing on a limited basis is also introduced to the game. This level is semi-competitive with scores being kept but no official standings.  A league wide season ending tournament is held to crown the 8U champion.

Minors (9-10)

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The Minors level is 100% kid pitch and introduces the new concepts of bunting, more competitive base running, and the infield fly rule. Official standings are kept during the season with an 8 team playoff at the end of the season. 

Majors (11-12)


The Majors level is the next competitive level for the kids as they progress through the organization. The only new concepts introduced at this level are balks and dropped 3rd strikes.  The focus is primarily on improving player skill level and knowledge of the game.  Official standings are kept during the season with an 8 team playoff at the end of the season.

Knee Hi (13-16)

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This is the final level of our program.  The team plays in the Bushkill Valley league. This is a competitive level with a playoff at the end of the season.


Note: Bushkill valley does not always run a 15/16 year age level. It depends on the amount of interest in a given year.