Learn Baseball, Have Fun!

Nazareth Area Youth Baseball Association (NAYBA) is a recreational baseball league for children ages 5 through 14 years old who live in Nazareth Borough, Upper Nazareth, Stockertown, Tatamy and Lower Nazareth.


NAYBA would like to thank The IronPigs Charities for awarding NAYBA for a Community Grant of $7500 for field improvements.  


Baseball Drills

NAYBA Spring 2020 Video

Upcoming Events

Next NAYBA Meeting – Sunday January 10th@ 10:00am via ZOOM
Next LVCAL Meeting – TBD



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NAYBA’s mission is to promote the growth of baseball at all levels of competition for the Nazareth area and surrounding community. The development of sportsmanship, honesty, respect, teamwork, physical fitness along with baseball skill are the organization’s priorities. In order to accomplish this mission our objectives include:


  • To govern the league in a manner that puts the development of our players, as both athletes and persons, above all other considerations.

  • To develop character and to improve the sportsmanship and physical condition of the youth of our community, endeavoring to teach team play and team spirit, companionship and association, through competitive sports.

  • To teach baseball skills and the rules of the game to the youth of our community

  • To reward positive attitude, hustle, and improvement over natural ability

  • To accomplish all of the above in a safe, fun, and positive environment for the youth of the organization